Eduardo Rodríguez Zaballos

Audiovisual professional specialized in content management, Film, Media & TV production.

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Sistemas de recomendación de las principales plataformas VOD

“Recommendation systems of the most important VOD platforms” – In recent years, VOD platforms have opened their own path, challenging the established system and transforming traditional distribution models and avenues of commercial exploitation of audiovisual content. These platforms base their content recommendation systems on complex algorithms made from the activity of their users within their systems before, during and after viewing content. This book analyzes the catalogs and the use of algorithms in different streaming platforms to show how they recommend content to different users of these.

October 20, 2019
Distribution, Marketing
Claudia B. Aparicio Lucas O. Morales, Claudia R. Corral, Eduardo R. Zaballos & Marcos R. Valcarce