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Contacto Cero

The challenge

Project without a budget in which after 2 years of work it was possible to deal with a taboo subject for society. A large number of professionals were contacted, but only 4 came forward, including Iñaki Piñuel, one of the great experts in the field, who together with the story of Marga Huertas, a daughter of a psychopath, make this documentary one of the jobs I’m most proud of.

The results

With more than 270K visits on YouTube and with a great impact on social networks, “Zero Contact” has positioned itself as the reference documentary in the Spanish language on integrated psychopathy. The documentary premiered in a Madrid cinema, the audience was fascinated.

Zero Contact

Do we really know what a psychopath is? We should, we live surrounded by them. Throughout this documentary we will discover more about these people from the hands of some of the best experts in the field and a victim with a lot to tell.
November 20, 2020
Production, Direction, Screenwriting…
Imagen Idea (Own brand)
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Treat the subject with great delicacy. Great script, rhythm and production.
Alberto Fijo

Filasiete Magazine